Life goes on no matter what we do.  Like an unstoppable clock that just keeps ticking.  Here are 30 great Life Goes On quotes to help you get through it all

Life goes on even when we’re ready to quit. There is only one person I am living for, and if I can’t have him, I want to be a Nun, and I am not even Catholic. – Unknown

To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.”― Oscar Wilde

I would love to have a complete family. I’d love to do it all at once. I’d love to be able to give to my children what my parents were able to give to me. And if I’m blessed to be able to do that, fantastic. If I’m not, then life goes on. You have to do the best you can. I do think we have to bring the family back; I do. – Michael Ealy

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